Hamburg – Part I



Back in December, we did our last quick trip of the year to the city of Hamburg. We had a lot of fun that day, besides of the cold and drizzling weather. I was really amazed by the city, the new blending with the old, the modern architecture is a treat for the eyes. At the end of the night we strolled around a beautiful neighbourhood, the apartments were beautiful, all surrounded by trees, plants and flowers…I would move there easily!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The first picture (above) is the Hamburg City Hall. We arrived in the city around 9’o clock in the morning, and the first thing that we saw, was the Christmas Market, they were preparing to open for another busy day. I promise this is the last one that I got…next time I’m only going to mention Christmassy stuff in the end of the year…hahaha







This part of the city is awesome!


Believe it or not, this a subway station…super futuristic!


Große Freiheit or Great Freedom, this street is a part of the red light district.



After walking around the whole morning, we stopped at the Hard Rock Café to enjoy a nice burger 😀 After that we did a boat tour around the port, but I’m going to talk about that on the next post, stay tuned!



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