Sundays are for Homemade Pasta


Now that I am fully equipped with a pasta machine (yes, Rafael gave it to me as a birthday present, I can totally see second intentions there…hahaha), my Sundays will be for homemade pasta! Yesterday, Rafael and I spent the afternoon making pasta from scratch for our late lunch, or would it be an early dinner?! (our typical Sunday around here). In the end it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we ate the most delicious pasta! Seriously, we wanted to eat it all at once, if it would’d been possible we had probably done it…hahaha

It was my first time doing pasta from scratch, Rafael had done it once or twice, but never with the pasta machine. In the end, I thought it was quicker and easier than I had imagined, YAY!

For the recipe we used:

341 gr. all purpose flour (we tried to find the 00 type, which they say is better for pasta, but we didn’t find that anywhere around here)

4 eggs

3 tbls. olive oil

pinch of salt

First I mixed the flour with the salt in a bowl, then did a well and put all the eggs and the olive oil in the middle. I stirred it up a little with a fork, and as soon as it was all mixed together and “heavy” I started kneading it with my hands. After the dough was more uniform, I took it out of the bowl and placed it on a board and kneaded it for about 8 to ten minutes, they say it’s good to work the dough for that amount of time. I wrapped the dough in plastic film and let it sit in room temperature for an hour. You can also leave it overnight in the frigde, but make sure to use it only in room temperature.

After that, we divided the dough in four pieces and first opened it a little bit by hand and then with the machine. I believe that the thickness of the pasta is a personal thing, we let our pasta long and thin this time. We basically started with the widest setting, which is number 1 on the machine, and when’t up to number 6, passing the dough two or three times in each number. Next we passed the sheet of dough trough the pasta cutter, and then laid it on the table do dry.

This was our first (very delicious) batch! 😀


We cooked the pasta for about three-four minutes, put a piece of butter after laying it on the serving dish and then poured a delicious bolognese sauce! (mouth watering here just remembering it…hahaha).

It’s so fun doing things from scratch, and yesterday we had a really good time doing this together, in the end eating food that you made with all your love is much more delicious and pleasurable than an industrialized one, for us as least….a big hooray for slow cooking!!

Next homemade pasta will be lasagna for sure!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!! 🙂




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