Flowery Soul on the Way

After two years of blogging, I decided to change the name of the blog. I know, it’s not a pretty common thing to do, but I decided it was better. First cause: Butterscotch and Macaroons is too hard to remember, not even my closest friends remember my blog’s name…and if they don’t remember it, how do I expect someone else to?! Second cause: it’s a little bit tricky to write if you are not used to the english language (sometimes when I’m writing it down fast, I tend to write double “rr” instead of double “oo”in Macaroons 😮 ). Third reason: the name is too long, which also difficults the remembering part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the name Butterscotch and Macaroons, and I also love, love, love, the logo Rafael did for me…but maybe it’s not right for a blog, at least that’s what I’m thinking now…let’s see how this will play out!

For the new name, I was thinking about something more personal, something to do with my personality. A few people know the “true me”, which is blocked a little by my shyness. I remember a tape that my mother recorded for me and my sister before she passed away, I was almost ten years old at the time, and she said: “Bruna is a happy girl, just like me”. From what I remember, she was always singing, smiling and dancing around…and I am just like that when I am alone at home…hahahha. If there were hiding cameras in my house capturing what I do when I’m alone in the house, it would probably make the top ten funniest videos of youtube for sure! hahahahahaha

After that idea, I thought a lot and came out with the name Flowery Soul, because a person who is almost happy all the time, except when I’m hungry, sleepy or with PMS (sorry, I’m not Wonder Woman you guys..lol), must have a soul like that!

Since Rafael is working a lot lately, my new logo will still take a while to get finished, and since I had already registered the domain because I didn’t want to loose the name, we decided to write the name with a good and simple typography, and start using it right away!

Please tell me what you think, people! Do you like the name?! Was it a good idea?!

Thank you so much!

Farewell Butterscotch and Macaroons, will love you for ever ❤


Have a wonderful week!


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