Around Berlin


Happy Monday, friends!

We had a really nice weekend over here, hope you had a good one as well! We enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday to walk around our neighbourhood and visit a little street market. Berlin in the spring is full of things to do on the weekend, which is tough to choose, but no matter what, you always end up having a good time anywhere.


Pretty typography with the name of the event.


People sell a lot of different things in these events, there are some vey cute things you can find for yourself or for your home. I round-up what I found most interesting, but there where still people arriving with their things to sell the time we passed by, so I guess we didn’t get the chance to see everything.


Totally obsessed lately with these cute macrame plant hanger! Thinking of doing one myself 😉


Cute bags for summer!


People are so creative around here, they turn simple things in such cute things!


This pottery stand was our favourite! Such lovely work, but it was a little salty for our pockets.

After the street market, we walked around a little more and passed by a park that is one of my favourite.


I love how people here just sit in the park and relax, alone or with family, can’t get enough of this time of the year, so much green in our sight ❤



Also, we finally found the right type of flour (00) to do homemade pasta! Of course it had to be in an Italian emporium..haha Rafael is seriously obsessed with that right now, and yesterday was the third Sunday in a row that we made homemade pasta…haha First time lasagna though, I definitely need to share the recipe on the blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!





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