GoT Embroidery


This hoop took way more time than I expected, it was supposed to be ready before the new season of Game of Thrones started (procrastination, why do you exist?!). Luckily, I finished it on Monday, and cannot think of a better time to post it, because I’m really anxious for the ninth episode!!! I’m ready for the epic battle! GO STARKS!!!

photo 1

I’m really happy with the result after all the hard work, as you can see in the pictures. It’s so fun to see my ideas “gaining life” 😀  After this one, I would really like to do the dragon (House Targaryen), the lion (House Lannister) and the stag (House Baratheon), but Rafael already started teasing me, saying that it won’t be finished until the show comes to an end…hahahha Maybe if I start tomorrow, I can finish until the final season in two years…maybe! hahahaha

photo 2


I hope you like my geeky embroidery as much as I did! ❤


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