Treat of the Week


I’ve been cooking a lot lately, not just everyday meals, but also baking. A few weekends ago, Rafa and I went to IKEA to buy some things for our apartment, and I bought some kitchen items that I wanted for a long time. Now that we have our 3 year residence visa to stay in Germany (thank you so much, God and Rafael, for all your hard work!), we can buy things without being afraid that it won’t fit in our luggage, let’s forget about moving back to Brazil for at least this period of time. Returning to the subject, since last year I wanted to try and make muffins, I’ve been craving them since I don’t know when…haha One of the things I finally bought, was a muffin pan, so I decided to try my luck and make my first batch last Sunday!

After searching the web, I decided to go with this recipe because it uses a lot of blueberries ❤

The first part was the crumb topping, I thought that it would be really sweet, but in the end I was totally wrong, this thing is delicious and crunchy!

Funny thing though, I don’t have an electrical mixer, so I used Rafa as my mixer to do the hard work for me! hahaha and I have to stay that he mixed that darn thing really well!!

This may sound silly, but I always get nervous when I’m baking things for the first time, especially when I have to convert measurements, I’m always afraid that I’m going to do something wrong and in the end it won’t be good. I even watched the muffins while they were baking to see if they were growing…hahaha In the end, they came out just perfect, even more than I expected! So happy when this happens!!!


It’s so cool to see the blueberries bursting!



And the taste? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It’s soft, crunchy and for me it has the perfect balance of sweetness in it! Good for breakfast or snack during the day 🙂


This picture totally reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast’s rose! haha I bought this stand and the bigger one also at IKEA, but Rafa keeps bugging me around, saying that this stand is too small for everything I do, and I will end up not using it. But after this, he can’t say that anymore, even if that means fitting just one muffin in it…ha!

I’m gonna try posting about a treat every week, since I’m baking more now. Last week I baked cookies, but I was too lazy to take pictures….which was dumb of me because they came out really good! Let’s see how this comes out!




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