Orange Cake


Until now, not one single cake that I baked this year went wrong….so I just keep bakin’ and bakin’ 😀  To tell you the truth, I should have posted this last week, but I got really busy around here…better late than ever, right?!

These simple cakes are becoming highly addictive around here, I baked it again yesterday, which was perfect for a rainy afternoon 😀  This recipe comes again from Rita Lobo, brazilian cook that does amazing simple things in the kitchen, I’m using a lot of her recipes around here lately, can’t go wrong with them 🙂

Like the cornmeal cake, this orange cake is also really simple and quick, 30 minutes is all you need to put the batter in the oven, and then you just have to wait for that delicious scent of orange that will perfume your house 😀

I was really craving this orange cake, I used to eat it a lot when I was living with my aunt and cousin in Brazil, during my rebellious teenage years, that basically meant wearing nothing but black T-shirts of my favourite rock bands…hahahha. There was also lemon cake, that I am also thinking of baking.

Like Patrick Jane used to say: et voilá!


There is also an orange syrup that you can make for the cake, it’s a little bit sweet, but I can’t eat without it!




Impossible to have just one piece of this moist and fluffy cake! I really enjoy eating it in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea by my side, lately I’m drinking a lot of camomile tea, maybe that’s why I’ve been calm these days…hahaha

Hope you enjoy!






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