Embroidered Mandala


I cannot believe that I’m finally going to write about this, I’ve been waiting since August! 😮 😮 😮 It all started in the beginning of the year, I think it was March or April, when my brazilian friend Rodrigo asked me to do an embroidery hoop for his wife. Funny thing though, we’ve been friends since 2011, we met at IBM, he was my coach in the contracts team (poor thing, he had no way to escape from craziness…haha). When I left IBM in 2012, we lost contact for a while, but Whatsapp reunited us again, much easier than writing long e-mails every once in a while, right?! Since we have always lived in different cities, I never met his wife, I only know a few things about her… like she’s a very nice yoga instructor.Because of that, Rodrigo asked me to embroider four words: entrego, confio, aceito and agradeço…something like I give, I trust, I accept and I am thankful. Basically for me it’s the “gratitude mantra”, and it’s also something I believe in. After a little research, I discovered that this mantra was created by Professor Hermógenes, pioneer yoga instructor in Brazil. After that, I started looking at some yoga symbols, I didn’t want to just embroider the words, I wanted to do something more….so I decided on a Mandala! With Rafael being an awesome graphic designer, he helped me put my thoughts on paper, and the result was amazing! The only thing I asked Rodrigo about, was Mariana’s favourite colours, besides that I kept him in the dark because I wanted it to be a surprise 😀

I started this embroidery right after the one I did based on GoT. I mailed it to him in the first week of August, thinking that it would take one month to get there. Boy was I wrong! Two months passed by…and nothing! We started to come up with ideas of what probably happened with it…somebody who really likes embroidery must have stolen it, maybe it was trapped in the Stranger Things parallel universe, maybe it would return to my house…we had already given up, it would be lost forever 😦

Then suddenly out of nowhere, he received it last Friday….HOORAY!!! Finallyyyyyy, I couldn’t believe it! Thank God the end of this story was happy! hahahahaha She loved the hoop and I couldn’t be happier with that 😀





I was really happy with this project, and I loved the result!

Hope you like it too 🙂

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