Embroidered Orchid


Cannot believe that I am finally going to post about this!!! Seriously, I’ve been waiting since September (the 9th to be exact)! I made this hoop for my beloved aunt Mirley that is in Brazil, it was supposed to be for her birthday not for Christmas…hahaha Her birthday was September 12th, I already knew that it wouldn’t get there in time…this embroidery was a tricky one, with some small details. But I never imagined that it would take almost three months to get there! I had already given up….same old story as this one. But gladly it arrived last Friday, I really wanted her to receive it, since she was the one who taught me how to embroider 🙂 And may I say that she was really, really happy with it….YAY!!!

I decided to make this embroidered orchid because it’s her favourite flower, she has lots and lots of orchids around her house. And since I wasn’t there to give her a real one, I decided to embroider it!

Hope you like it as much as we did 😀



In the back I “wrote”: Embroidered with love ❤

The leaves were pretty easy, but the flower itself took some time. So happy that I managed to do it!

Stay tuned for more craftsy stuff!


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