Blue Jeans Hoop

photo 4

I’ve been wanting to post about this embroidery I did since last year…. 😮 procrastination, procrastination, procrastination…how do I get rid of you, like forever?! This embroidery piece does not have a long story like the last one that I posted, is was a simple gift for one of the cutest baby that I know, called Valentina 🙂 She is the daughter of our landlord and friend, Sebastian.

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Embroidered Orchid


Cannot believe that I am finally going to post about this!!! Seriously, I’ve been waiting since September (the 9th to be exact)! I made this hoop for my beloved aunt Mirley that is in Brazil, it was supposed to be for her birthday not for Christmas…hahaha Her birthday was September 12th, I already knew that it wouldn’t get there in time…this embroidery was a tricky one, with some small details. But I never imagined that it would take almost three months to get there! I had already given up….same old story as this one. But gladly it arrived last Friday, I really wanted her to receive it, since she was the one who taught me how to embroider 🙂 And may I say that she was really, really happy with it….YAY!!!

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Embroidered Mandala


I cannot believe that I’m finally going to write about this, I’ve been waiting since August! 😮 😮 😮 It all started in the beginning of the year, I think it was March or April, when my brazilian friend Rodrigo asked me to do an embroidery hoop for his wife. Funny thing though, we’ve been friends since 2011, we met at IBM, he was my coach in the contracts team (poor thing, he had no way to escape from craziness…haha). When I left IBM in 2012, we lost contact for a while, but Whatsapp reunited us again, much easier than writing long e-mails every once in a while, right?! Since we have always lived in different cities, I never met his wife, I only know a few things about her… like she’s a very nice yoga instructor. Continue reading

GoT Embroidery


This hoop took way more time than I expected, it was supposed to be ready before the new season of Game of Thrones started (procrastination, why do you exist?!). Luckily, I finished it on Monday, and cannot think of a better time to post it, because I’m really anxious for the ninth episode!!! I’m ready for the epic battle! GO STARKS!!!

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Embroidered Rock Albums

photo 3

Happy Monday, friends!!

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂 Over here, we had a really nice one! Saturday evening we went to a Vernissage where our friend was exposing one of her pieces of art. We met some friends there, had some drinks and in the end of the night ate some pizza! I should have taken a picture of her work, but I forgot :/ what I can say is that is was one best there! Yesterday, we slept in, and had a lazy day on the couch watching movies and series…and had pizza again at night…definitely one of the best things in life ❤ hahaha

But my life is not just pizza, guys..haha if you follow along Instagram (follow me, @brunaiglezias), you have noticed that I venture myself doing some embroidery hoops. I already posted my first embroidery hoop here on the blog, but I never posted my other hoops. So today, I decided to share them 😀

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A Gift For My German Teacher


On Friday the 13th our german integration course came to an end, after attending class every day for seven months, I can say that my german improved a lot. When we were deciding to come to Germany, we thought about learning a little bit of the language in Brazil, but it was too expensive at the time, so we decided to come with all of our hope and courage. It was so funny at the beginning, we didn’t understand a single word….thank god for google translator and maps! hahaha We arrived in the end of January, and started our class in the beginning of March, after we did all of our language student visa process. We decided to attend Volkshochschule because it was the cheapest and closest one to our home, and started at the very beginning, A1.1 and worked all the way up to B1.2, always with the same teachers, we had three at the time, but the last two months were only two. For me, it was not easy learning another language as an adult, I thought it would be way much easier….but I was wrong. I always had difficulties with grammar and because of that it was a bit harder now, when I say a german frase, I always have to stop and think… where should I put the verb? Is it a Hauptsatz or Nebensatz? I have not mastered that yet, but maybe one day I will! hahaha

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