Random: Master of None – Season 2


I would like to write more things on the blog besides food, travel, embroidery and Berlin…a while back I started with my five favourite things of the week, as an encouragement to write about other interesting things that I like. I used to post it once a week and always on fridays, but somehow I started to get a little lost, and sometimes I didn’t find five things that I liked during a week (ridiculous, right?! how hard can that be?!). I eventually lost interest of doing that, but I still have things that I want to share on the blog that are not under a specific category of things that I usually post. So I decided to do random posts, about random subjects 🙂 This will be the first one (let’s see how long this idea will last this time…hahha) and it’s about a Netflix show that I really enjoy watching, Master of None! BE CAREFUL, SPOILER ALERT!

I just finished the second season, that was released on the 12th, and I can’t believe that I had to wait more than a whole year for it. Common Netflix, tell me that there will be another season next year?! Before this show, I’ve never seen Aziz Ansari on tv (I have a friend that told me he was on Parks and Recreation, maybe I’ll give it a shot after I finish the 8th season of Modern Family 🙂 ). But now I’m like, Aziz?! I love that dude, he is so good and funny! hahaha There are many reasons why I enjoy the show, for me it’s so close to reality (I used close because who in the world interrupts a wedding like Arnold did?! hahahha but I’m almost sure that maybe that has happened to somebody already…jeez) Truth is, relationships are naturally complicated, and a lot of personal compromises have to made if you want to have a couples life. And I think that today, people are not so willing to make these kind of compromises anymore “because my life is more important”, but you can’t have everything you wish for, life is not like that. After watching the 4th episode, “First Date”, I started to think: is that how dating via app looks like?! I am so traditional for these kind of things….even if I were single today, would I have the courage to use an app like Tinder (the only one I know…haha), I have no clue. I now that there are a lot of different people using these kind of apps for different purposes, and many are looking for a steady partner, and that may happen as well. But seriously guys, I liked the time when we didn’t use our smartphones for everything. Now, let’s talk about Alessandra Mastronardi, what a beauty! Who wouldn’t fall for that italian woman?! I loved that the show started with Dev in Italy making pasta and speaking italian, I thought that they would fast forward after his and Rachel’s trip. What about when Dev and Arnold went to Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura’s restaurant?! I was not expecting that, funny/delicious surprise! I really want to go to Italy and eat all the pasta they have! And of course he would end up falling in love with Francesca, which is a very tricky situation, and I’m sure that these things happen in real life. I know couples that dated for 10 years, and I think that what she told told Dev is true, after such a long time, you end up expecting to marry that person even if you’re not so sure of it anymore, because it would take a lot of courage to break up such a long relationship and deal with fact that you “wasted” such a big part of your life, even if you were happy most of the times. But common, did she really have to sleep in Arnold’s shirt in Dev’s bed?! Oh the television drama…..And what about chef Jeff?! With all his Anthony Bourdain vibe, he started out as nice character, but ruined it all with his sexual harassment. A few months ago I read about a similar case that happened in Brazil with a famous soap opera actor, he always plays a stud, the man that all women want in the soap opera…but I guess that he thought he was also like that in real life, his costume designer accused him of sexual harassment, he said that it didn’t happen, but he still was cut off. Who knows what really happened, but in most cases, women have no credibility, which is really sad. But let’s talk about the good parts of the show! I really enjoyed the episode “Thanksgiving”, with little Dev and Denise, and also the challenge she faced coming out to her mother. I thought that this time things would end up good in his life, at least a part of it…haha he finally found a job which he liked doing (I would totally love to earn money by eating food…dream job! hahahha), but he was totally slayed by Raven (what a funny appearance too, I used to watch That’s so Raven as a teen), after Jeff’s “incident”, poor thing. And once again he was left not knowing what the future holds for him (but aren’t we all like that?!), the ending got me a little confused, I don’t know if the last scene was reality, a dream or a memory…if you have watched it, what is your opinion?! For me, it looked like a memory, but I’m not sure, and can’t wait to find out in the third season….it could really come out next semester, but oh well, at least I expect to wait just one year this time, not two!I do have a lot more to say about the show, it would make a great conversation (at diner and eating pasta, of course! hahaha), I would go on and on and on, but for a post, this is all for now, otherwise you would take a long time to read it…hahaha. If you have never watched the show, I definitely recommend it, one of the best lately!


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