Blue Jeans Hoop

photo 4

I’ve been wanting to post about this embroidery I did since last year…. 😮 procrastination, procrastination, procrastination…how do I get rid of you, like forever?! This embroidery piece does not have a long story like the last one that I posted, is was a simple gift for one of the cutest baby that I know, called Valentina 🙂 She is the daughter of our landlord and friend, Sebastian.

It was my first embroidery on jeans, it’s so nice to work with different materials and see how the thread behaves. Rafael helped me with the design, since he is awesome with typography and lettering 🙂 This time I wanted to use an oval hoop, but sadly I didn’t find it. I always buy my hoops at Karstadt, and they don’t have many options, but I don’t know where else I can find them here in Berlin (if you are reading this post and living in this city, do you have any clue of a good crafts store?!). I also tried to find it via Amazon or Ebay, there were some options, but I don’t know….for me it’s hard to buy some things on the internet without seeing it or touching it. Because of that, I almost gave up on this project, but I really wanted to do it,  so I decided to go with the regular round hoop, and for my surprise, it came out really good 😀

photo 2

I wanted to do something colourful and fun, Rafael understood this exactly, and made this beautiful design! Truth be told, he also helped me choose the colours of the threads…they harmonize completely!

photo 3

I always write a little something on the back 🙂 you know what, receiving gifts is good, but giving gifts is way better (at least for me…hahaha), especially when it’s handmade, and you poured your heart to it!

photo 1

I sure do love making these hoops, each one is unique and special for me. I’m currently working on another one, so stay tuned!

Hope you liked this one!


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