Autumn in Grunewald


Happy Friday, y’all!! Can’t believe how fast this week went by, at least for me. So, last Sunday was a wonderful warm sunny day around here, which was pretty shocking to be honest, because it felt like a summer day in the middle of October! haha And if it’s 20 degrees celsius, you just have to make the most of it! That’s why I decided, for the first time, to go to Grunewald 😀 (when I say “I decided” it’s because Rafael will never come up with these kind of ideas, he usually likes to stay home on Sundays and enjoy his resting day. No problem with me, but sometimes I like to get out of the house and do something, and this “something” is usually a thing he doesn’t like very much, so sometimes he tags along, and sometimes not). Rafael tagged along this time, but was not feeling so well due to a cough, or something like that….but we managed to give Paco the time of his life! The main reason I wanted to go there was because of Paco, countless people already told me how fun it is to take your dog there, because of the lake where they can swim. I didn’t know what were my expectations when I left home, but I came home so happy after having such a great day, I really enjoy being in the middle of nature, I love looking at trees and see how tall they are (silly, I know…but hey, that’s me! hahaha).

Grunewald is about 40 minutes from our place, and we went by U-Bahn, and then S-Bahn. We stopped at the S-Grunewald station, and since it was our first time there, we where following the crowd, and guys, there were a lot on Sunday. We got to the beginning of trail, and then we saw a map to see where we were going, but then we realized we were on the opposite side where the dogs aren’t allowed to walk without a leash. Basically, the forest is divided by the train tracks and a road, and if I’m not mistaken, when you are going down the stairs to leave the train station, you have to turn left to go to the Hundekehlesee (which we didn’t, but then we turned back!). In the beginning of the forest, we didn’t encounter many dogs, but as we walked further to get to the lake, we met like a thousand dogs! hahahahha Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I’ve never seen so many dogs together in the wild! I heard people saying, this is dog paradise, and I couldn’t agree more! So much fun, I really enjoy myself when I see Paco having a good time, if you have a dog, you know what I mean 🙂

So here are some snaps, actually, there are a lot of pictures, and I don’t know how to choose, so what the heck, hope you enjoy! 😀









Okay, so I probably didn’t need to post three pictures os swans, but they are sooo beautiful ❤


Paco is really getting good at staying still so I can take his picture, and this time, no treats involved!



Rafael (in the back) and I, like to play this game with Paco, when we are far apart, both of us keep calling his name to come, he runs so fast, and in the end he doesn’t know to which one to go…hahaha



Loves playing with chestnuts 😀


Jump, jump, jump!


I call this next sequence, looking at trees and picking leaves…haha Oh Autumn, I love you so ❤ ❤ ❤




Rafael took some B&W pictures without noticing, but I think they came out pretty good, what do you think?!


Looks like an old picture




We were chatting about other dogs 😀 hahaha


Paco in his throne os mushrooms

I call this sequence, gymnastics in the woods…hahahaha




Nailed it!! hahahaha You know me, love a silly picture!


Heading back home after an awesome day! Hope to be back there soon, so sun, please do your part!

Sorry (not sorry) for over posting 😀 But do you believe I still have to a post of Paco at the lake?! Yes, I’m serious, so see you next time!

Have a wonderful weekend!






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