Grunewald – Hundekehlesee


Hello you guys, happy 2018!!!

Hope you guys had an awesome NYE! We sure did around here, despite all the craziness on the streets…it was the third time that we went to the Irish Times pub, it’s a little bit more quiet, not your typical Berlin kinda party, but that’s why we love going there. This year we went with our italian friends and had a really amazing time. Truth be told, I may have exaggerated a bit on the drinks, and drunk Bruna appeared after midnight….hahahaha I always remember that Friends episode when Chandler does a formal surprise party for Monica’s 30th birthday and she comes home drunk and tries to act sober, and during the episode Phoebe says that she loves drunk Monica, because she’s so much more fun than regular Monica! hahahahaha We’ll my friends, I am a little bit like that, but in a different way…regularly I am a shy person, especially when I meet someone new…there is definitely a learning curve to really get to know me…but when I’m drunk, wow…I become a blabber mouth and also do some crazy stuff…haha this year, when we were going home from the pub, I started to run in the subway station and managed to go up the escalator in the opposite direction….I always wanted to know if I could manage to do that with the escalator going down…hahahha and don’t know how I didn’t fall, I was also wearing heals…hahaha so you can imagine my condition the next morning….yes guys, the first hangover of 2018! hahahaha and of course made that false promise to myself that I would never drink like that again….we’ve all been there, right?! But I don’t regret it, I had so much fun! I also wished happy new year to everyone in the subway, how great is that?! hahaha

I tried to write a post last week, but we’re still trying to organize our life around here, Rafael went back to work last Thursday, and our sleep time is totally chaotic, during the holidays we were sleeping late and waking up very late, so going back to the normal time is rough! We are going to bed late and waking up early, and I get kinda grumpy when I don’t have the proper amount of sleep….(sorry to all the parents that are reading this, I know you must be laughing at this…I know I will miss these things when I have children..haha).

So I was browsing my computer to see what was I going to write about, and I totally forgot to share the last pictures from when we went to Grunewald to take Paco to the lake. I saved the best for last, and maybe you’ll get a little bit bored with all the dog pictures if you’re not an animal or dog person (like seriously, how many pictures of a dog at a lake can you take?! a lot, you guys! haha). But if your having a case of Monday Blues, I can assure that these pictures will definitely cheer you up!

We went to lake in the beginning of October, is was actually Autumn, but it was a strange warm day, so we just had to go there!




Actually, Paco does not know that he can swim, and is afraid to go in the deep, when he sees that the water is not shallow anymore, he comes back, even is he didn’t get the stick. This time was better than his first time in the water, but maybe we’ll have to buy those dog swim vests for him, so he can gain confidence. I really want him to able to swim, I’m sure he will love it! If you have a dog that can swim, please tell me how you did it in the the comments 🙂




There were so many dogs this day, that little guy in the middle is an awesome swimmer!





The cutest picture ever! ❤ ❤ ❤ he was looking at the stick that was in my hand.


Sometimes not the stick that we threw….but for him it still counts! hahaha



Look at those teeth!


Best picture ever!! Looks like he is flying out of the water! haha

I will definitely go back there when the weather is warm again, it’s so fun to watch dogs at the lake, and besides that, there is a big part of the forest were you can leave your dog without a leash, so they can run wild!

Hope you have a wonderful week, filled with happiness!!






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