Happy Friday, you guys!! Can’t believe how fast this week went by, Christmas is already so close, and we still haven’t decided what we are going to cook for our Christmas dinner on the 24th….other than that, we are planning to go to a christmas market tomorrow here in Berlin, don’t know which one, since there are a lot of options. It’s my favourite thing to do in December here in Berlin, eat some great food, drink hot chocolate or Glühwein and enjoy the Christmas spirit!

Other than that, I’m here today to share a few pics of the amazing city of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (yes I’m still writing about our trip to France that happened last March 😮 haha), we were very curious about this city. As I said before, we visited cities that Van Gogh lived while he was in France, but the time that he lived here, he was a patient at Saint-Paul asylum, and initially confined to grounds even though he entered there voluntarily. Many paintings were made based on the view of his bedroom window, other from the asylum’s garden, and when he could leave the grounds, he made paintings of the local landscapes. Nature was really important to him at the time, and now I know why.

Our visit to Saint-Remy-de-Provence was quick, I think we did not spend more than four hours there, we had lunch at a great restaurant (which I will post later on), walked around a little bit through the charming little city and went to visit the asylum. I don’t know why, but we ended not taking too many pictures of this city, I guess we were focused on all the history, I would go back there for sure!


Since we rented a car and drove around the cities, we just had to take a picture of a city sign, don’t know why, but I find them cute, movie like signs…hahahha touristy things people say and do 😀

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 22.47.47

Walking around the city, you can find these bronze plates with Van Gogh’s name.

The photos below are all from the asylum and its vicinity.


Van Gogh statue







Nature there was definitely amazing, all these different shades of green mixed with the blue of the sky and other colours was very, very beautiful. And it was still the very beginning of spring, it must be even more beautiful than this! Now I understand why so many painters immortalized the nature in France ❤


Love looking at these pictures, they make me so happy, still can’t believe we where there, and if you haven’t gone there, you definitely have to put it on your bucket list! Nature is also very beautiful in Brazil, but the vegetation is totally different…truth is, nature can amaze you wherever you are!

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend, lovelies!




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