Sala da Mangiare


Hello lovely people, how are you doing? I woke up today kind of tired today…for the past two nights I’ve not been able to sleep so good…so I’m kinda sleepy and lazy, but here I am, writing a post to see if I can shake it all away! On Monday, Rafael and I celebrated 2 years of marriage! Can’t believe how time is going by so quickly…8 years has already passed since we met at a samba bar in Campinas, Brazil…and so much has changed since that! We always like to go out for dinner to celebrate and talk while eating (so much eating, as always…hahahha). But this year, I also wanted to do something else, there is a jazz bar one block away from us called Sowieso. It’s been quite a while since I wanted to go there and see some live jazz music, so I said to myself this was a perfect situation! Rafael was having doubts about this place since forever, but I said let’s go and check it out, it may be nice! Guys, I’ve never ever been so wrong in my life! Last Friday was a mix of Portuguese/Berliner jazz, and I thought it would be fun….I swear…we lasted maybe 30 minutes there after the band started playing, it was like I was in my worst nightmare, or if I dare say, purgatory’s soundtrack! I am not kidding! I left the bar so mad, that I started crying in the street. I know…a bit dramatic, maybe? hahaha This has never happened to me before…Now, I may not be a musician, and I don’t understand a lot about music, but I do admire a good melody and arrangement in a song. But when six people start playing their instruments totally uncoordinated (at least that was what it seemed to us) 5 feet away from you, making a lot of weird noises (and faces…haha)…the only alternative we had was to bolt! If there had been an indication on the program that had said, experimental jazz music, I would have never gone to see the band. I know that a lot of people must enjoy these kind of performances (apparently the whole bar was in a trance, even the 70 year old lady sitting next to me was very focused on the band), but this is not our style. What really got me irritated and sad was the fact that one more place I can cross off my list that I’ll never go to anymore here in Berlin. If it’s not the weird music, it’s the fact that people can smoke in bars here (a thing that I really, really hate…I can’t stand smoke!). Of course I don’t know all Berliner bars, but what I do enjoy here are Irish pubs, especially the one that we went to for NYE, Irish Times….just keep them pint of Guinness coming and I’ll be happy all night! hahahaha

I don’t want to complain anymore, so let’s skip to Saturday night! It’s true when they say, when bad things happen, good things come…and this time it came really fast, the next day, at Sala da Mangiare! haha an Italian restaurant also close to our apartment, I have passed by it a couple of times during the day (when they are closed), and after reading about it on the Oooh, Berlin! guide winter edition, I decided it was time to make a reservation…I sent an e-mail (because I don’t like talking on the phone…haha) requesting a table for two, Saturday at 8 pm…but they never responded back, so maybe the phone would’ve been more efficient…haha The restaurant opens from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11 pm. We got there maybe around 7:30, and there where already people there, but we still managed to get a table. Like all little restaurants, this one can maybe fit around 30 people, so I think going early is the trick, in case you have not made a reservation.

What a pleasant night it was! Really good food (they make their own fresh pasta), good wine, good atmosphere! I didn’t take any pictures of the restaurant itself, but they have a nice italian rustic vibe, in fact, I took the pictures of the outside when I was walking with Paco Monday morning…hahaha




For starters, Rafael ordered the burrata on toasted bread with swiss chard and anchovies


On the other hand, I ordered something that was related to seafood, since the menu was in german and italian, I thought that it was clams…hahaha turned out to be scallops! Was really happy because it’s been a while that I wanted to try them 😀 the scallops came with pea and ginger cream with fried capers and carrots. You know it’s not a secret that we enjoy switching plates when we eat new things…hahaha so I have to say that even though my scallops were really good, the cream really tasty, and I have never eaten such delicious capers….I still preferred Rafa’s entry, it was my first trying the burrata, and I can only say that it must have come from heaven!


For the pasta, I ordered the tagliatelle with artichokes and stracciatella cheese, this cheese was also new to me, and the reason why I ordered this plate…I wanted to know what it was, and I’m so glad I did! It was really, really good!


Rafa ordered the cappelletti filled with thirty months old parmesan cheese and pork ragù sauce. Another champion! hahaha This cappelletti was superb, the sauce was amazing!


After the first two plates, there was a meat option, by that point I thought I was already satisfied, so I told Rafa that we should only order one meat plate and divide it….big mistake you guys….the orders took a while to come, and I like that, it gives the food a time to settle in your stomach…hahaha so by the time the fish came, I was already hungry again and could’ve eaten it alone, and Rafa could’ve eaten his so desired pork fillet with mushrooms and polenta…maybe another time! hahaha the kingfish fillet came also with artichokes, pistachios and mint oil, it was delicious! After eating only half of the fish, I was still hungry…hahaha so I ordered another cappelletti, just like Rafa’s…hahaha when we ordered to the waiter, he said: “Really?” and laughed…if he only knew how much food we are capable of eating…hahahha we also shared the second plate of cappelletti, I didn’t eat it all by myself! haha


Isn’t he the cutest?! Two years of what I hope is going to be a lot more! So thankful to have such a wonderful man in life! ❤ ❤ ❤



After my first experience of Pannacotta (here), it’s impossible to see it on the menu and not order it! This one with caramelised figs was also amazing, how can a simple dessert be so good?! Love it! ❤



Of course we had to end the night drinking Amaro and Limoncello, if you don’t your not playing it right! haha I would like to go back there every weekend if that would be possible..haha

So cheers for a great Saturday night, with amazing food! Let’s focus on the good things of life, and forget the bad ones!

Be Happy!




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