Life, lately…


Hi people! Guess who’s back, back again?! After a two weeks of silence I am back! Not sure for how long….but that’s ok, right?! hahaha I had an interesting couple of weeks, one bad, and the other one really good…livin’ that old yin-yang life. Two weeks ago, Paco (my dog), caught the worst stomach flu ever….seriously, he has been sick before, but never like this…he threw up more than ten times before I took him to the vet. I have never seen him so weak and quiet, and for a hyper energetic dog, that was really scary. He didn’t eat for almost three whole days, he got shots, antibiotics, pills…but thank God, after five days he was his old jumpy, leash pulling little monster again! hahaha He got sick on his birthday, gosh what a present…so I wasn’t able to celebrate the proper way…I always like to take a picture of him on his birthday with those number balloons, almost what people do today to say how months old are their baby…hahaha It’s a nice way to remember him as the years pass by. I took the picture this year after his actual birthday, when he was already feeling well, and I loved the result! The balloon was way much cooler than last year’s, but since he only turned two, I can still get better and better at this! hahaha


Can’t believe this little guy is already two, if you have a dog, you understand me, right?! hahaha He sometimes drive us crazy, but I can’t imagine my life without him…I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂


He is such a sweet dog, and loves to cuddle! I have no doubts that we are happier with him in our lives ❤ ❤ ❤


Since he was sick, I kept him away from the dog park (where he probably caught the stomach flu from another dog), for two weeks, just to make sure his immune system was strong again (a little bit paranoid, I know..hahaha). But nothing drains his energy more than running, and I mean running A LOT! He is usually the fastest dog at there, losing usually to greyhounds…hahaha he loves to run, it’s totally his thing! I went back to the dog park today, and he played with me for 20 minutes fetching a toy that I throw pretty far, and then he brings it back for me to throw again, and there is a lot of running involved. Usually he plays for 10 – 15 minutes, until he gets tired or loses interest because of another dog…but today was awesome! Until now, I have to say that patience and routine is the key of having a dog, or it is in his case….and believe me, I have learned a lot with him, since I am not the most patient person…hahaha Thankful for having him in our lives! ❤ ❤ ❤


Jumping to last week, the really good and amazing week….one of my best friends from Brazil finally came to Berlin and spent the whole week here!! I still can’t believe it, it was so much fun having her here! She actually came with her husband, but he was actually on a business trip, and while the guys were working, us gals hit the streets of Berlin! I went touristing everyday last week, we had so much fun! A little history story, Mariella and I met at university, and started living together in the middle of our second year course (university lasted for four years). After we graduated, we were still living together, but after six months, she found a job in a city close to Campinas, where we lived. It was hard seeing each other, and after two years, I moved to São Paulo, with Rafael, and it was even more distant to Holambra, where she lived. We always kept in touch, and occasional visits happened. Who knew that many years after, we would be meeting in Berlin with our husbands?! If somebody would have told me that while I was still in university, I would have laughed (very hard!) hahahaha Life definitely can surprise us in many ways! All I can say is that I am very grateful for having her in my life, she made my university years a hell lot happier and funnier, she was always there for the good things and bad things, she is that kind of person who lightens the room or wherever she is. I can say she is more than friend, she is a sister…a big sister ’cause she is one year older than me…hahahaha Luv u! ❤ ❤ ❤

So here are a few snaps from the our touristy days around Berlin!


If you come to Berlin and do not take a picture at Brandenburger Tor, it’s like you’ve never been here! hahaha


I scheduled a visit for them at the Reichstag/Bundestag dome, which has a really nice view from the city, plus, it’s free 😀


The beautiful Berliner Dom (Cathedral)


They came on the coldest week of winter until now! hahaha but luckily almost the entire week had blue skies with sun! Nothing stopped us! This pic is at the Tiergarten by the way, I love to walk around there anytime of the year, it is so beautiful!


That mandatory stop for a beer, because you are after all, in Germany! Prost!


I also took them to Potsdam (already wrote about this beautiful and charming city here and here), it was such a beautiful day! ❤ ❤ ❤


Dinner with hubbies, german style! Actually, Aryan, Mariella’s husband suggested this german restaurant called Mutter Hoppe, because he had already been there on other occasions, it was totally new for us…we enjoyed it a lot! There was live german music, and the food was really, really good, I recommend it for sure!

That was my last two weeks in a nutshell…hahaha sorry if this post got too long, I didn’t have that intention at all, I was actually going to write about our trip to France (again! haha), but I started writing and this just came out…haha I guess this is what happens if you stay two weeks away from blogging 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend, full of sunshine and love ❤





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