Escape the city: Britzer Garten


Happy August! Can’t believe we are already here, on the eight month of the year, and look at me, writing two posts this week…wow! hahahaha it sure has been a while since I’ve done this, but every time I write a post, I think to myself that I must do this more often and let the laziness behind me. This is a post that I have been wanting to share since the beginning of May, when it was still Spring, and all the flowers were in bloom. Maybe I have not mentioned this before, but one of the things that I most love in life is being surrounded by nature. When I’m among nature, I feel this happiness inside me, I cannot stop smiling and being amused with what this planet offer us everyday. As you know, I have a Bachelor degree in Biology, but back in the day during university, I abominated my botanical classes, I used to think they were very, very boring. But now, I think I’m a totally different person, now I find myself each day more and more interested in botany…and regret not paying attention to those classes at university…what goes around, comes around, right?! hahaha

Maybe this interest has also grown because I’m living in a country where there are actually four seasons throughout the year, because let’s face it, Brazil is a tropical country, where you can count on your fingers the cold days during “winter” time…hahaha Now, I see almost every tree and plant going dormant in the winter, and awake in the beginning of Spring, then comes the blossoms….oh! how beautiful!! I catch myself stopping in the middle of the street to see flowers and plants and their uniqueness. Of course living in a city like Berlin, one of the most green cities in Europe, helps a lot with my new found curiosity. There are innumerable gardens and parks here in Berlin and I want to visit them all, if I can…haha




Today I’ll share some pics from Britzer Garten, a park situated in the south of Berlin, close to our neighbourhood. We went there on a bank holiday, woke up early, rented two bikes (a first for us here…crazy I know, but we actually still don’t own bikes here…purely budget reasons…) and rode to the park, it took us maybe not even half an hour to get there. We left Paco, our dog, at home because dogs aren’t allowed there (or bikes inside)…fine with me, because there are lot of parks he can go to. You also have to pay a small fee to enter, two euros if you’re an adult…maybe we paid one euro more because there was special tulip show going on, the main reason why I wanted to go. But unfortunately we were late for it, there weren’t much more tulips in bloom, but I still got to see some very unique tulips that I have never seen before. Besides that, there were a lot more flowers to see and smell 😀


Isn’t this purple tulip one of the most beautiful things in life?! Fell in love with it! ❤



Love, love, love dandelions!!!

I have to tell that these pics don’t do justice to the park, I didn’t take any pictures of the huge lake or any other interesting thing there, and believe me, there is always something going on there, live bands, fun programs for kids and many more. This time I was so focused on flowers, I forgot everything else…haha so next time I go there, I’ll be sure to take more pics and update this post 🙂 But if you are like me, kinda new in the city (or maybe even born and bred in Berlin), this park is a wonderful place to have a chill day, with family, friends or alone as well and forget that you actually live in the country’s capital.


Never new peonies before I moved to Berlin, now they have a huge place in my heart ❤ How can they be soooo beautiful??? Strong and delicate at the same time ❤


I’ll definitely have peonies when I have a house with a garden!


Doesn’t this flower look like tiny starfish?!



You know me, I’m a natural at posing in photos! :p Couldn’t resist this pink Rhododendron!




There is also farm animals in the park, this bull was hiding in the shade of this tree, it was a hot day!


And how cute are baby goats?! They were jumping and playing around, sooo cute!

I hope you enjoyed the pics of this almost flower addict! haha

Hope you have a wonderful and colourful weekend!


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