Roads of France


Will I ever finish posting the pics from our trip to France that we did more than ONE year ago?! Waiting for a signal from the universe to answer that question! hahaha So maybe I still have two or three posts to write about…oh, I was already forgetting about the food post that I want to write as well, so maybe there are still four :O So maybe until the end of this year I’ll be able to finish them…we didn’t travel this year, but could you imagine how long it would take to write about that if we did?! There is always a positive side of everything…hahaha

Anyway, I decided to share some random pics on this post, pics that we took while we were driving from one city to another, where we were mesmerised by the landscape and just had to stop the car to take some pics to remember it all! Sometimes I have doubts on whether or not I should share these kind of photos, people always took pictures while they were on vacation, which ended up in photo albums and only close friends or family would see them…are you old enough to remember this?! hahaha I still like the ideas of photo albums, it’s so fun make! But I think what makes me want to share these photos on the blog, is to inspire other people, maybe I will write something that will help you decide to make a trip to France and see all the amazing things that we saw there. I’m not the kind of person that travels a lot, so that is basically what I do when I read posts from other bloggers who travel, I end up “travelling” with them, and who knows…one day the opportunity to travel will come!


Almond fields!



Had to stop and smell the flowers! ❤ ❤ ❤





Wouldn’t mind living in one of those houses!


Doesn’t it look surreal?! So, so beautiful!



This pic I took in a little city called Les Baux-de-Provence, we took like five photos there, we left the camera in the car because we where tired of carrying it around, but this city is worth the visit, they have such cute souvenir shops, and the view from the top of the city is amazing!



Went bonkers when I saw this flock of sheep, told Rafael to stop the car immediately so we could snap a pic!


Wouldn’t mind also being a sheep in this place! Lucky sheep! hahahahaha just look at those shades of green ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope you enjoyed these pics and they made you smile!

Be happy!








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