Boat Ride in Marseille


Hello beautiful people!

Can’t start yet again another post saying how long it’s been that I have not been around here, so why don’t we just skip that part and go directly to what matters…hahaha 😀 I promised myself that until the end of this year, I would share all the pics we took in France (yes, it’s still the trip that we did last year…hahaha), so here I am!


After spending five days in Avignon and visiting some cities nearby, we spent the last two days of our trip in Marseille, and thank God it was only two! hahaha Don’t get me wrong,  there must be plenty of things to do in Marseille, but we didn’t have much time to discover them. After spending five wonderful days in the charming little city of Avignon, where everything was so organised and clean, it was a shock for me when we arrived at Marseille. We stayed in a hotel at the Old Port area, so of course the streets where dirtier and not so pleasant as in Avignon. Marseille is a big city, so of course there are more people and tourists there, but it was not only that that bothered me, we had two terrible meals there, one that involved burgers (highly rated on Tripadvisor) and another one which was by the port that offered seafood, we ordered a bucket of mussels with some kind of sauce that wasn’t so good…very disappointing. But on our second and last day there, luck was on our side, we ate at a very good french restaurant there and also went for an amazing boat ride that turned out to be the best thing we did there!

Prepare yourself, because there are a lot pics, couldn’t help myself…what a view!!


The port of Marseille with its Ferris Wheel, which I am terrified because I am afraid of heights! Wouldn’t ride them even if they paid me! hahaha



Wouldn’t mind having a little sail boat of my own to navigate the Mediterranean sea 🙂



There was a lot of sightseeing to do while we were on the boat 🙂



Would have visited the Cathedral if we’d more time.




We were headed to the Calanques!


Happy faces at sea!



I have never seen such amazing geological formation as these, so beautiful!



If you look closely, you can see people hiking there, maybe I could do that…MAYBE! haha


There were also people on the beaches, must be really nice in Summer time!


Just look at the sea with its blue nuances… ❤ ❤ ❤


Could be us in that sailboat! hahaha A girl can dream!





So after this boat ride I changed my mind a little bit about Marseille, everything can’t always be perfect, if you come and visit Berlin there are also some trashy parts, all big cities have them. I would give Marseille another try, maybe with more time to really get know the city.

And if you ever visit Marseille, make sure to take a boat ride, you won’t regret it!

Til’ next time, folks!

Hope you have a wonderful day!





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