A Day to Remember


These are probably my favourite photos of my mother (her name was Vera), they were taken before I was born. Today was supposed to be her 64th birthday. It has been 16 years, she passed away when I was 9, luckily I had the chance to spend those years with her. She was a librarian, but preferred to stay at home to take care of me and my sister, whose 8 years older than me.

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Yayoi Kusama

photo 5 (1)This weekend was a lot of fun, we went to Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition that arrived last week to São Paulo at the Tomie Ohtake Institute. I didn’t know the artist before, but may I tell you, her Infinite Obsession work theme blew my mind! There is so much knowledge behind her paintings, sculptures, videos and installations. I always wonder about the process, how do they get there, what kind of experience did they have? She lived a little while in New York most of the time during the 60’s, and met people like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. I always think of the 60’s and 70’s as a revolutionary time in society, music and art, sometimes I wish I was born in the late 50’s just to experience that time. Yayoi nowadays lives in Japan and still dedicates her life to art. So please find a time in your agenda to check out this wonderful exhibition, it stays until july 27th.

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New items in my closet



As I recently mentioned, last saturday was a shopping day. I finally went to Forever 21, the store opened on march but I decided to wait a little because of the crowd, for weeks you’d had to wait in a huge line just to get in.

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Dinner is served



I usually cook a nice meal on sundays, but today was different, the person who went to the kitchen was not me, instead it was my boyfriend. He made a delicious italian dinner and after this I will sure force him to cook again!

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Coco Bambu

Today Rafael (the boyfriend) and I spent the day out of the house, we had planned to go to the Botanical Garden, but as I opened the curtains in the morning, I saw a cloudy sky. That totally broke my mood because I thought it would rain, so we decided to go to the mall instead. After a few hours of shopping and a lot of window shopping we really got hungry, so we decided to leave the mall and go grab a bite somewhere. This week I read an online article in the brazilian magazine Exame, which was talking about the Coco Bambu restaurant and its success. I always passed by it, but by the look of the building thought it was too pricey. But after reading the article I changed my mind and decided to go there and try their famous seafood. Continue reading

Wine and Dine

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went out for my birthday dinner, I’m celebrating early because this year it will fall on mother’s day, tell me about a tough competition..hahaha.. We went to Serafina an italian restaurant, first time there. The place is cute and comforting, soft lounge music, dim light and each table has a little glowing candle, good to go in couples, friends and families. Continue reading

David Bowie’s Exhibition

Here are some photos of David Bowie’s exhibition that is taking place at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound). I already liked Bowie’s music, but after this exhibition, I worship him!photo 1(3)

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