Five Weekly Favs

five_photo_frame 11

This first week of 2016 was really fun and special….it finally snowed in Berlin!! I took some great pictures of my favourites spots in the city, I will definitely share it next week 🙂

Here are my first five favourites of 2016 😀

1- Rare color photos of Germany in 1900 before it was destroyed by wars;

2- Channing Tatum’s performance on Lip Sync Battle, really made my laugh!

3- Since I don’t have time (when I say time, it’s really $$$) to go to the gym, this week I started this Month-long at home video workout plan, by Popsugar. So far, it’s been great! Full of quick and fun classes, let’s see if I can do it until the end of the month 🙂

4- Some cute pictures of animals in the snow;

5- Baked these deeeeeelicious Apple Pie Cookies this week, and can’t get enough of them…sooooo good and yummy!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend 😉



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