Harper Lee


I usually never post about books around here, but if you follow me on Instagram (@brunaiglezias), you see that I always post the current book that I am reading. I’m not a book worm, but I always like to have a book on my night stand.

Now, if you’re american, you are well aware of  Lee’s  To Kill a Mocking Bird, it has become a classic of the modern american literature. I, however, only heard of it last year, when its sequel, Go Set a Watchman, was published. It was a great big fuss around the media, and at the time I got curious about it, but was reading another book, so I ended up forgetting about it.

A couple of months ago, Rafa and I went to a book store here in Berlin and we were checking out the english section (of course! hahahha), I was actually looking for the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, but it was missing one book (I hate when that happens :/ ). So while I was looking for something else, I found Go Set a Watchman on the display table, and remembered that I wanted to read both books! Luckily this time, the first one was also there…yay!!

It took me about two chapters to really start enjoying To Kill a Mocking Bird, I can say that I was totally hooked and immersed in the story. With the exceptions of my childhood books, I don’t think that I have read an adult novel depicted through the eyes of children, totally a different perspective! I became very fond of Scout, Jem and Dill and enjoyed every twist and turn of their story.

I got really anxious to read the second book, now with an adult Scout, but I gotta say that I was little bit disappointed…in my opinion it wasn’t a sequel, because there are some things that were totally changed, it’s almost like the first book never existed. But I kept on reading, it’s really hard for me to drop a book when I don’t like it….usually when that happens, it’s a big book like War and Peace, and you notice that you’re lost after you read a thousand pages…hahaha! But I’m glad that I finished Go Set a Watchman, the ending is really good!

After doing a little research to write this post, I actually found out that Go Set a Watchman was actually To Kill a Mockingbird’s first draft! I didn’t know that at all, it cleared my mind on several issues that I was having with the book, now I am in peace with it….hahaha!

Really guys, I highly recommend these books! And if you have read it, what did you think about it? Share your thoughts!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


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