Taco Tuesday!


Happy August, you guys!!

It’s been a while since I was craving tacos, and yesterday, after a failed attempt on trying to build a meal plan for at least this week, I decided to make tacos today!! This recipe is very similar to a burrito one that I’ve been doing a lot lately over here (which I still need to post!), but I don’t know why I find taco shells really fun to eat, even if you make a big mess (which I do…ha!).

It took me a little bit more than one hour to make all of this, but if you’re an agile person, I’m sure it won’t take that long.


First, the guacamole, I’m used to tomatoes in the recipe, but the recipe didn’t asked for it, no problem here. The only thing that I’m picky about is coriander! I absolutely don’t like its taste, for me it’s too strong, so I always end up using parsley.



Now the recipe didn’t ask for red chilli, but I’m a big fan with these kind of food, plus, this one is not even strong, just adds a special flavour to the meat.



I had never done a simple homemade salsa, in the end, it was pretty good. But I had to replace the jalapeno with the green chilli, since I didn’t find it.


Easy and delicious lunch today! I always have fun building my tacos!



In the end, Rafael ate four tacos 😮 I just ate two…truth is, while I’m writing this post, I’m already thinking of fixing myself two other ones from the leftovers for dinner!!

Yummy!! 😀


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