Gosh, I don’t even remember the last time I was around here to share something with you guys, I know that it’s been probably almost a month, and I’m not proud of it…I always say to myself that I want to write more posts, but in the end that doesn’t happen. So here I am again trying to make this happen! I’m currently sitting at my dinning table and looking outside the window, and for my surprise, it’s snowing! I think this is the first time that I’m actually seeing snow in March since I’ve been here…..I am so ready for Spring, but this winter does not want to go away! haha and baby, it’s cold outside! Several days ago, it felt like -20 degrees celsius, I didn’t want to leave the apartment! haha So of course I’m reminiscing this time last year, I was dreaming of our trip to France that happened in the end of March….sun in the sky, nice warm feeling, french language, breathtaking views and oh, the baguettes! People can tell you about the baguettes, or you can read about how it’s good, but you can only fall in love with it after you have eaten it in France! Believe me, I have bought baguettes here in Berlin where it says, made like the ones in France, but friends, that ain’t no french baguette, and will never be! hahahahaha

One of my favourite cities that we passed through in our trip was Gordes, if I’m not mistaken, we put this city on our list because it’s located on a group of mountains and hills, so we thought it was worth to take a look. But I definitely was not prepared for the amazing view…you may think that I’m being a little overexcited about this, especially if you are an european, but we don’t have these kind of villages in Brazil, so of course I was amazed!

Here are a few snaps that we took while we were there, and I hope that it convinces you to go there as well! haha



Walking around in the city we found a spot with a bench to appreciate the view, we easily spent half an hour there 🙂


Life was hard that day…hahaha



It must be even greener by the middle of spring and summer! ❤ ❤ ❤


The hubby and his selfie ❤


Our selfie! Another one with my eyes closed because I probably need better sunglasses! hahaha


Isn’t this place just amazing?! I would easily live in one of those houses!



Oh France, how I miss you! ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ll be back one day!

Hope you have an amazing and blessed weekend! And even if you’re tired of the winter like me, be hopeful, spring will come eventually! 😀







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