Tiny details


I’ve been wanting to write this post since I don’t know when! A long time has passed since my last embroidery post…I’m always doing some kind of handwork, lately I picked up knitting 🙂 but I still have an embroidery hoop to finish, it’s definitely taking way more time than I imagined, and I also got a little bit bored with it, so I decided to do something a little more faster and fun 😀 I bought this jeans shirt last year already with the intention of doing a little embellishment of some kind. I went back and forth with ideas, firstly I wanted to do something on the back of the shirt, but it would probably be something big, something that would demand time (a lot of it). Since I couldn’t decide what to do, I started wearing the shirt, but I still had the feeling that something was missing, so I finally decided to put some little details on the shirt, cause ya know, sometimes less is more! Let’s just leave it like that! hahaha

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GoT Embroidery


This hoop took way more time than I expected, it was supposed to be ready before the new season of Game of Thrones started (procrastination, why do you exist?!). Luckily, I finished it on Monday, and cannot think of a better time to post it, because I’m really anxious for the ninth episode!!! I’m ready for the epic battle! GO STARKS!!!

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Embroidered Rock Albums

photo 3

Happy Monday, friends!!

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂 Over here, we had a really nice one! Saturday evening we went to a Vernissage where our friend was exposing one of her pieces of art. We met some friends there, had some drinks and in the end of the night ate some pizza! I should have taken a picture of her work, but I forgot :/ what I can say is that is was one best there! Yesterday, we slept in, and had a lazy day on the couch watching movies and series…and had pizza again at night…definitely one of the best things in life ❤ hahaha

But my life is not just pizza, guys..haha if you follow along Instagram (follow me, @brunaiglezias), you have noticed that I venture myself doing some embroidery hoops. I already posted my first embroidery hoop here on the blog, but I never posted my other hoops. So today, I decided to share them 😀

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