The Beginning of our Adventures in France


Happy 1st of August, you guys!

Can’t believe how fast this year is going, is it crazy to think that there is just four months until Christmas?! 😮 Is it possible to slow down time somehow?!

Sorry for the last week’s silence around here, it was a crazy week! The renovation in our apartment is finally done…YAY!!! So last week we painted our bedroom and put some things in order around here, also, I did a ultimate cleaning around here, there was so much dust in here after the construction worker sanded practically every wall…that kind of dust that goes into the tiniest little space…I spent two days just to clean the entire kitchen, cleaned every cabinet and drawer, and had to scrub the floors to get every spot of paint out….but it was worth it, now my kitchen is flawless!!! We still have a lot of things we want to do around here, buy some furniture, paint the living room and maybe the entrance hall…we were also thinking of putting a little colour in the kitchen as well…but now I’m changing my mind about that, I think that I want to put a lot of plants and some nice pictures there, but I still don’t know…let’s see how it will turn out. So in the end, it will still take some time to share the pictures around here…baby steps, you guys 🙂

Besides that, I want to finally share the story and pictures from our little trip to France, I was totally procrastinating this post, we uploaded the pictures from the camera a while a go, truth is, I was feeling a little bit lazy to write all about it, since there is so many details and things that I want to talk about….if I knew you (reader), we would probably spend days talking about it…hahaha

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A little medieval town called Quedlinburg – part II


Rainy days over here lately, I definitely prefer rain during spring and summer than in winter time. If it were up to me, it would only snow during winter here in Berlin 🙂 But besides the weather forecast…haha the renovation in our apartment is almost over, hopefully all will be nice and done by the end of next week. But it will definitely take time to leave it the way we want, but we are patient! (well, at least Rafael is more than me…hahaha).

I’m here today to share the last pictures from our one day trip do Quedlinburg, what I didn’t tell you in the last post is that the city, in the State of Sachsen-Anhalt, was a capital of the East Franconian German Empire at the time of the Saxonian-Ottonian ruling dynasty (919 to 1024). Following the coronation of Henry I (876 to 936), the first German King from the Saxonian dynasty, the royal residence of Quedlinburg became the capital of the East Franconian German Empire, the “metropolis of the Reich” of the first German state. Because of the close link  between its history and architecture, Quedlinburg is listed as one of Unesco’s world heritage. I love visiting castles, and see how things were in the past, in this case, the representational rooms of the castle offer insight into the living style of the nobility in the 17th and 18th centuries, that reflect their state in the eras of the Baroque and of Classicism.

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A little medieval town called Quedlinburg – part I


Hey guys, how are you doing?! Over here everything is pretty chaotic because of our renovation, it started last week on Tuesday, and it’s not going on everyday, but I hope that it will be done soon. I said on the last post that I would like to move the wardrobe from the living room to the bedroom, but I think that for now that will not happen, the wardrobe belongs to the apartment, and I think that it’s not very new, lately it hasn’t been so steady, so I guess that if we try to move it, it will brake. We already wanted to buy a new and bigger one for us, but it will take time, because these things are not cheap! Even though I am a little frustrated because of that, I’m trying to remain positive, and be happy that the apartment will look much better after the renovation! I’m taking pictures of every step to share on the blog 🙂

But besides that, I’m here today to share a few pictures from our little one day trip to the medieval town, Quedlinburg, that we did in December (it’s been a while, I know…haha). Truth be told, it wasn’t our idea to go there, we’ve never heard of it before my mother-in-law told us on her visit that she wanted to go there, and I’m glad that she did!

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A Month Away and a lot of things to Say


May the 4th be with you!! Best month of all, because it’s my month! hahaha

It’s funny how life can change so much in such a short period. You plan, and plan, and plan, but suddenly without any previous notice, destiny comes and changes everything…Thank God this time was for better! Last time I wrote a post here, we were still in sunny Brazil, trying to deal with 33 degrees Celsius in the beginning of Autumn! haha Just ten days after we had to rush through our things and pack our belongings to come back to this beautiful city that is Berlin!

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Hamburg – Part II


Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter like we did! We spent the weekend at Rafael’s grandmother, and I had a lot of fun. Rafael’s two year old cousin, Daniel was there, boy did we play! It’s such a fun age, he laughs at anything, it’s so adorable! Can’t wait to have one myself! (No need for panic if you’re reading this, Rafael….hahahhaha).

Continuing our journey in Hamburg, I left the best for last! We did a little boat tour around the port, and we got to see beautiful buildings and some nice ships, hope you enjoy 😀

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Hamburg – Part I



Back in December, we did our last quick trip of the year to the city of Hamburg. We had a lot of fun that day, besides of the cold and drizzling weather. I was really amazed by the city, the new blending with the old, the modern architecture is a treat for the eyes. At the end of the night we strolled around a beautiful neighbourhood, the apartments were beautiful, all surrounded by trees, plants and flowers…I would move there easily!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Dresden – Part I


Happy 1st of March you guys!!!

Can you believe it’s March already?! Just some more weeks to go and it will be easter! I’m not complaining, I can’t wait until April. There are a few things pending around here, and that month will be decisive. Not much is going on around here lately, so I finally downloaded pictures from trips we did in December while we were still in Germany. Dresden is the capital of the state of Saxony, and is located near the Czech border, it took us three hours to get there by bus from Berlin. We went with our good Italian friends Marina and Maurizio, and boy was it a cold day! I even had to stop at Rossmann to by a pair of socks, my feet were freezing…hahahaha

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Sanssouci Part II


Last week I posted the part I of our visit to Sanssouci Palace and Park located in the charming city of Potsdam. Here is another batch of beautiful pictures of this gorgeous place, hope you enjoy!

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Sanssouci Part I


We visited the parks and palaces of Sanssouci in August when Rafael’s friend from Brazil, Lucas, was here. Sanssouci is located in the charming city of Potsdam, today it’s the capital city of the German Federal state of Brandenburg, but until 1918 it was the residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser. Before Sanssouci was built, the royal family’s residence was situtated in Berlin, at the Charllotenburg Palace. King Frederick, the Great, ordered the construction in Potsdam because he wanted a residence where he could live sans souci (French for “without worries”). Could I please live a life with no worries just like that?! hahaha

Sansoucci is also the largest world heritage site in Germany, it’s divided in several buildings, one more gorgeous than the other. That why I had to divide this post, there are so many beautiful pictures, I just need to share them all…hahaha. It’s really easy to go to Potsdam from Berlin, we took the S7 train and we arrived at the Postdam main train station around 40 minutes later. From there we took a city bus towards Sanssouci, but you can also rent a bike if you please. We didn’t get to see the city itself, because we spent the whole day visiting the complex, but I think it’s a very good idea to spend a weekend there.

Sanssouci is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited, it’s amazing how they used to build great palaces back then, the architecture is really beautiful!

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