Foto by Rafael Natal

Happy New Year, friends!

Five years ago, when I was just graduating from College, I would have never imagined myself living in Berlin. When I met Rafael back in 2010, he was already planning to live abroad, and so he did. A whole year passed by, and after he got back from Canada, we started dating for real and began making new plans. After saving money for three years, our dream finally came true!

Living in Berlin for nearly one year really changed me, I learned to appreciate more the simple things of life, some that I already liked, for example, a nice day or walk in the park, it’s so easy to connect with nature here in Berlin, in spite of being a capital of a country. I can also say that I became less judgemental, because people here don’t care what you’re wearing or doing, also, as a foreigner I never received a look of prejudice. No one was ever arrogant or mean to us for not speaking the german language very well. I just have nice things to say about this city, that received us with open arms, I know that no city is perfect, but it was easy for us to feel like home here. And because of that, I will have a lot of great memories from here….all the amazing places and people we met here will be in our hearts for ever!

I feel so blessed and grateful that we had this experience 🙂

Thank you so much Berlin, we love you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Cheers for 2016!!!

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