Hallo from Berlin!!!

photo (2)

This is my current window view from the hotel in Berlin, big changes are ahead! Rafael and I decided to stay for some time here in Berlin, we want to study the german language, learn about its rich culture and know what it’s like to live life as a Berliner. 

We arrived in the city on Tuesday, and is was not a pleasant flight for me. I just hate flying, getting scared and sick for almost 12 hours is not my thing! But when I got here, I realized that it was totally worth it 🙂

We are staying at the Ibis Styles Mitte (very cool and nice hotel if you ask me), it’s very close to Alexanderplatz, you can go there by foot. Transportation is also very easy, there is a subway station right in front and buses all the time. Don’t worry if you get hungry, there are a lot of places to eat around here…asian, italian, japanese, arab and of course german food! hahaha

We are currently looking for an apartment to rent, it’s not very easy in a new city, specially when you don’t know anyone here. But I’ll write more about it when the place is found.

For now, wish us luck! We are really enjoying this city!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

2 thoughts on “Hallo from Berlin!!!

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the photo is taken from Rostenthaler Platz? I used to live there several years, brings back memories (I’m still living in Berlin, but other corners hold different atmospheres, so… it’s like being in another city).
    Anyways, welcome and enjoy your stay!


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