Bite Club BBQ


As I said before, Berlin is full of fun events now in the Summer, it’s hard to choose one…but I usually go to the ones where food is involved…hahaha On Sunday, Bite Club was hosting a barbecue event at Funkhaus Berlin, an old radio broadcasting building from the GDR period. I’m going to write a special post about this amazing building, because there was a tour and Rafa took some amazing pictures of it! The location was a little far from our apartment, and the weather was not as its best…around 20 degrees celsius with a little bit of sun, clouds and windy…but I decided to embrace the “Summer day” and wear shorts! Of course I felt chilly the moment I stepped on the street, but I was trusting on the sun…it did come out a few times, kept me warm while we were sitting besides the Spree river. When we decided to come home, it was already cloudy, and as soon as we got home, it poured, we were lucky!

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Around Berlin


Happy Monday, friends!

We had a really nice weekend over here, hope you had a good one as well! We enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday to walk around our neighbourhood and visit a little street market. Berlin in the spring is full of things to do on the weekend, which is tough to choose, but no matter what, you always end up having a good time anywhere.

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A Little Bit of Moabit


Happy Monday, friends!!

We’ve been staying for almost a month now in a friends apartment in the neighbourhood of Moabit here in Berlin. Our apartment was rented until May 15th since we didn’t know when we were coming back. Luckily, our landlord decided to rent it for us again, so we are moving back to Neukölln this weekend. It’s been very interesting to know a “new” neighbourhood, Moabit is much more quiet than Neukölln, more like a family place. Today, everybody wants to live in Neukölln, its become kinda of a hipster neighbourhood, with a lot of young people, bars and countless places to eat. I like to live in Neukölln because Tempelhofer Feld is basically my backyard, but in a near future I wouldn’t mind moving to a calmer place…let’s face it, we are not that young and we don’t party all the time…hahahha

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A Month Away and a lot of things to Say


May the 4th be with you!! Best month of all, because it’s my month! hahaha

It’s funny how life can change so much in such a short period. You plan, and plan, and plan, but suddenly without any previous notice, destiny comes and changes everything…Thank God this time was for better! Last time I wrote a post here, we were still in sunny Brazil, trying to deal with 33 degrees Celsius in the beginning of Autumn! haha Just ten days after we had to rush through our things and pack our belongings to come back to this beautiful city that is Berlin!

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Berlin from above


Happy first Monday of February you all!

We had a great weekend around here, Rafael, my mother-in-law and I went to São Roque (a little town close to São Paulo) to visit my family 🙂 Although the trip was fast, we arrived Saturday at lunch time and left yesterday afternoon, we had a really good time! It doesn’t matter how much days you spend there, you always eat, drink and laugh a lot, I sure was missing them after one year apart. Definitely planning a longer trip for the next time 😉 I know that we are now in Brazil, but we did so much great things in December while we were still in Berlin, that I just have to share!

From the beginning we wanted to go up on the famous TV Tower, one day we got up early to go, but when we got there, the line was huge….so we gave up and ended up leaving it for another day. Then, we discovered that you could also go up the Victory Column, which is located in Tiergarten, and was also a lot cheaper, only 3 euros.

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Christmas Market


Ok, so I’m probably a little bit late to write this post….I mean it’s almost one month after Christmas, and here I am talking about a Christmas market…Oh well, you’ll just have to bear and read about my favourite time of the year, just one last time…I promise  hahahahaha I’m sure that the Christmas markets around Berlin and Germany, is something you have to experience. In Brazil, we don’t have these kind of Christmas markets, probably because it’s 40 degrees outside, and who wants to drink Glühwein (hot wine) in a weather like that? ha! I truly feel in love with all the markets, you can find lots and lots of stuff there, not to mention great food! Is there any other way I can convince you to go? You have 11 months ahead to come up with a plan and go! hahaha

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Snowy Berlin



I was soooo happy last week, it finally snowed in Berlin, I mean REALLY snowed!! I have such great memories of having fun playing in the snow when I was growing up in Philadelphia, my sister and I stayed outside for hours, sliding with our laundry baskets….let’s face it, there are a million ways to improvise if you don’t a sleigh! hahahahaha. Since Philly, I haven’t seen so much snow until now, even Rafael got surprised with my behaviour, he said: “You are in such ecstasy!”. It’s true, I felt like a child again….ha!

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