A Month Away and a lot of things to Say


May the 4th be with you!! Best month of all, because it’s my month! hahaha

It’s funny how life can change so much in such a short period. You plan, and plan, and plan, but suddenly without any previous notice, destiny comes and changes everything…Thank God this time was for better! Last time I wrote a post here, we were still in sunny Brazil, trying to deal with 33 degrees Celsius in the beginning of Autumn! haha Just ten days after we had to rush through our things and pack our belongings to come back to this beautiful city that is Berlin!

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Berlin from above


Happy first Monday of February you all!

We had a great weekend around here, Rafael, my mother-in-law and I went to São Roque (a little town close to São Paulo) to visit my family 🙂 Although the trip was fast, we arrived Saturday at lunch time and left yesterday afternoon, we had a really good time! It doesn’t matter how much days you spend there, you always eat, drink and laugh a lot, I sure was missing them after one year apart. Definitely planning a longer trip for the next time 😉 I know that we are now in Brazil, but we did so much great things in December while we were still in Berlin, that I just have to share!

From the beginning we wanted to go up on the famous TV Tower, one day we got up early to go, but when we got there, the line was huge….so we gave up and ended up leaving it for another day. Then, we discovered that you could also go up the Victory Column, which is located in Tiergarten, and was also a lot cheaper, only 3 euros.

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Christmas Market


Ok, so I’m probably a little bit late to write this post….I mean it’s almost one month after Christmas, and here I am talking about a Christmas market…Oh well, you’ll just have to bear and read about my favourite time of the year, just one last time…I promise  hahahahaha I’m sure that the Christmas markets around Berlin and Germany, is something you have to experience. In Brazil, we don’t have these kind of Christmas markets, probably because it’s 40 degrees outside, and who wants to drink Glühwein (hot wine) in a weather like that? ha! I truly feel in love with all the markets, you can find lots and lots of stuff there, not to mention great food! Is there any other way I can convince you to go? You have 11 months ahead to come up with a plan and go! hahaha

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Snowy Berlin



I was soooo happy last week, it finally snowed in Berlin, I mean REALLY snowed!! I have such great memories of having fun playing in the snow when I was growing up in Philadelphia, my sister and I stayed outside for hours, sliding with our laundry baskets….let’s face it, there are a million ways to improvise if you don’t a sleigh! hahahahaha. Since Philly, I haven’t seen so much snow until now, even Rafael got surprised with my behaviour, he said: “You are in such ecstasy!”. It’s true, I felt like a child again….ha!

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Halloween in Berlin


We discovered that Halloween is becoming a new tradition here in Berlin, there aren’t decorations on the houses or streets, but the young people and kids are enjoying the idea of getting dressed upped and going to parties. We got invited to a party at our landlord’s house, Sebastian, in Kreuzberg. Costumes were mandatory, and we were more than pleased to oblige! I love Halloween, that may sound a bit strange coming from a Brazilian, specially because in Brazil it’s also becoming a new tradition. When I was a child, I spent 5 years living in the USA, and I’d always trick or treated…I have a lot of fun memories about that time! All that excitement reminisced these past few days and I actually got anxious to go to the party…hahaha

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Random Berlin


I have a lot of random photos of Berlin that we snap here and there whenever we take a stroll around the city. There isn’t a story behind each picture, that’s why I didn’t write a specific post. But I love sharing our view from this amazing city, hope you enjoy 😀

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Tempelhofer Feld


It’s been quite a while since I wanted to write this post. Since we moved to Neukölln in February we discovered that we were surrounded by parks. One thing that I learned here is that the Berliners really enjoy a day at the park, with friends, family or even by yourself…..and let’s not forget the sun of course! I love the fact that Berlin is a really green city, everywhere you go there is a park or playground for the children and countless trees. This does not happen very often in Brazil, in São Paulo (the concrete city), where I used to live, there are not so many, I didn’t even live close by one…and neighbourhood playgrounds? You can forget about that (unfortunately).

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Charlottenburg Palace


In August, Rafael’s friend from Brazil, Lucas, came to visit and stayed with us for two weeks. We did a lot of cool things together…tourism, sightseeing, visited museums and two close cities to Berlin. It took a little while to download and gather all the pictures that we took at the time, but finally here they are!

We went to visit Charlottenburg Palace, its the largest palace in Berlin, and it was build in the end of the 17th century and was greatly expanded during the 18th century. The original palace was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, wife of Friedrich III (who crowned himself King Friedrich I of Prussia). Continue reading

Sommerbad Neukölln

photo 1 (1)

A short while ago we discovered that we live near one of the numerous public pools here in Berlin. I was already dying to go, and what else to do on a hot summer sunny day?! We woke up early to enjoy the whole day there, the pool opens at 8am and closes at 8pm, we arrived around 9 o’clock and there was already a little line to get in, which scared me at first because I thought it was already crowded. But gladly I was mistaken 🙂 it takes a couple of minutes to pay (€5,50 adults, the whole day). When we got in I really got amazed with the size of it all, two adult pools, one for kids, and a huge area to lie down and relax. It was so well organised and clean, you can also pack snacks and bring them with you.

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Welcome August!

I can’t believe we are in this month already…time really does fly! It seems like we arrived in Berlin yesterday…but it’s been almost 7 months! 😮  There is so much more to discover in this amazing city, one year just isn’t enough.

Since it’s summer and this week here in Berlin is promising to be hot, I decided to post about a really cool lake that we went last month. Summer here is really different from the one I am used to in Brazil…of course! As a tropical country it’s more hot than cold, and in São Paulo (where I lived) you can count on your fingers the days that are really cold in the winter. The same happens here in Berlin, but in the exact opposite, you can count the days that exceed 30ºC in the summer…hahahaha Those are the days that you enjoy by going at lakes and public pools (there are a lot of public pools in Berlin).

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