Tarte au Citron

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Despite our very messy house because of the renovation (seriously, we are living in the bedroom, but no complaints here!), I’m trying to cook as much as I can, because eating out everyday can be expensive, and also confusing, like where are we gonna eat today?! And as much as I complain from time to time for cooking every single day, I really miss my food! hahaha Now, I’m craving my rice and beans, the most traditional brazilian food ever! I’m a big rice addict, and it’s been a week that I haven’t made it, we’ve been eating a lot of different style pasta lately. During the weekend, I managed to squeeze a little dessert, because I already had the pastry in the freezer, which I did a few weeks ago, and I don’t want them to go bad, I’ll probably use the last one this weekend. Rafael saw me browsing for desserts a while ago, and asked me to do this whole lemon tart. I’m a big fan o lemon sweets, a love key lime pie, and also a lemon merengue pie that my cousin does in Brazil. If you know me, you already know that I’m not that crazy for sweet stuff, and with lemon you can get that perfect bittersweet balance, that I love!

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A little medieval town called Quedlinburg – part I


Hey guys, how are you doing?! Over here everything is pretty chaotic because of our renovation, it started last week on Tuesday, and it’s not going on everyday, but I hope that it will be done soon. I said on the last post that I would like to move the wardrobe from the living room to the bedroom, but I think that for now that will not happen, the wardrobe belongs to the apartment, and I think that it’s not very new, lately it hasn’t been so steady, so I guess that if we try to move it, it will brake. We already wanted to buy a new and bigger one for us, but it will take time, because these things are not cheap! Even though I am a little frustrated because of that, I’m trying to remain positive, and be happy that the apartment will look much better after the renovation! I’m taking pictures of every step to share on the blog 🙂

But besides that, I’m here today to share a few pictures from our little one day trip to the medieval town, Quedlinburg, that we did in December (it’s been a while, I know…haha). Truth be told, it wasn’t our idea to go there, we’ve never heard of it before my mother-in-law told us on her visit that she wanted to go there, and I’m glad that she did!

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Blueberry Cheesecake

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Tuesday, cloudy and windy day in Berlin, I’m sitting at my living room table. Rafael is sitting across me having a meeting through skype, and a construction worker is in our little hall starting our apartment renovation…YAY!!! To tell you the truth, it’s not a big renovation, the apartment doesn’t need that much work…there are some walls that need to be smoothed out (hall, kitchen and living room) and the floors in our bedroom and living room will be changed, can’t wait to get rid of this green laminate! hahahaha I took some photos earlier today of the apartment, because I want to share the before and after 🙂 at least I hope that in the end everything will be good…haha I want to buy more plants for the living room and also a nice carpet, I have never bought a carpet in my entire life, let’s see how this goes, just hope that Rafael and I can come to a mutual decision when choosing one! We also want to change the furniture display, today our wardrobe stays in the living (weird right?!), our bedroom is kinda small and squared, we are going to move the bed in order to fit the wardrobe. Rafael also wants to buy a proper table for work…you can see that we want to change a lot of things around here, let’s see how it goes, especially with the $$$$!

In spite of all of that, I’m really here today to share a recipe that I did recently. As a matter of fact, I did it for Rafael, he requested a dessert for a “just dudes” dinner and since the market is exploding with berries, I decided to do this blueberry cheesecake 🙂 In my head, I always thought that cheesecakes were hard to do, but they aren’t! For me, it’s harder to find the right baking point, I made a cranberry cheesecake last Christmas, but I ended up under baking it. Minutes later after I took it out of the oven, the filling cracked in two places in the middle, and it was also a bit jiggly. So this time I made sure that it came out a bit golden brown, and think that it worked!

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Blue Jeans Hoop

photo 4

I’ve been wanting to post about this embroidery I did since last year…. 😮 procrastination, procrastination, procrastination…how do I get rid of you, like forever?! This embroidery piece does not have a long story like the last one that I posted, is was a simple gift for one of the cutest baby that I know, called Valentina 🙂 She is the daughter of our landlord and friend, Sebastian.

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Random: Master of None – Season 2


I would like to write more things on the blog besides food, travel, embroidery and Berlin…a while back I started with my five favourite things of the week, as an encouragement to write about other interesting things that I like. I used to post it once a week and always on fridays, but somehow I started to get a little lost, and sometimes I didn’t find five things that I liked during a week (ridiculous, right?! how hard can that be?!). I eventually lost interest of doing that, but I still have things that I want to share on the blog that are not under a specific category of things that I usually post. So I decided to do random posts, about random subjects 🙂 This will be the first one (let’s see how long this idea will last this time…hahha) and it’s about a Netflix show that I really enjoy watching, Master of None! BE CAREFUL, SPOILER ALERT!

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Treat of the week: Fudgy Double-Chocolate Brownies!


Second post of 2017, I’m on fire! hahahaha Honestly though, I’m trying at least to write one post per week, let’s see how that turns out! I don’t know if I have already said this on the blog (probably yes, but short memory over here…haha), I am not a big chocolate fan, crazy right?! Even more for being a girl (I know maybe three guys tops who love chocolate hahaha), what if I also told you that I don’t like Nutella?! That’s right, I don’t! You can call me crazy,  I am that person who always runs away from Nutella crepes, I don’t know…for me it’s just too sweet! And even if I found the golden ticket, I would probably never be selected by Willy Wonka to take care of his chocolate factory….haha But do not lose your hope, I do have a weakness….they are called brownies!!

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Hello, first post of 2017!

Happy 2017!!!

Wait a minute…am I too late?! hahaha but seriously, how are we almost in the middle of May already?! So much has happened over here in the beginning of the year, family and friends coming to visit, travels and lots and lots of good food and cooking of course! Thank God everything is good around here and I only have good news to share 😀

Actually, speaking os sharing, all this time I was also debating if I should continue this blog or not, it has been 3 years since I started this blog… for the first year I didn’t blog too much, the second year I was more disciplined and posted a lot, especially because it was the year that we came to Berlin, so there was a lot of new stuff going on, last year I posted moderately, wanted to post more, but I got more undisciplined and didn’t do much stuff around the city because we were saving money (as we always are..haha), and because the excitement of a new city has passed, and now Berlin has become our home. Truth be told, I am an ordinary person, with an ordinary life, and yes, I like to stay at home doing some Netflix’n’Chill hahahaha I watch a lot of series and movies, and if there is nothing new that I want to watch, I put on Friends (for the ninetieth time…hahhaha) or Modern Family (for the tenth time, probably), basically anything that makes me laugh, even if I have watched it for a hundred times. Also, every time that I wanted to go somewhere and in the end it wasn’t possible, I was getting frustrated, because “what was I supposed to post on the blog this week?” it would end up ruining the day, and my better half wasn’t happy also with my behaviour. Since I already knew that January and February would be busy around here with visitors, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to post anything on the blog for both months. Honestly, I didn’t miss posting, and was kind of relieved that I didn’t have the obligation to do it. So I started to ask myself if this was necessary, and went to a more psychological point of view…I don’t know about you, but social media sometimes annoy me, it’s weird how we are hooked up in this kind of thing…. I deleted my twitter account, which I started just because of the blog and never really used it, last week I deleted Flowery Soul’s page on facebook, and I also my personal account, it just didn’t have any purpose for me anymore. Now, if you’re thinking: why don’t you go live in the woods and isolate yourself from the world?! I would love to live in the woods or have a little farm on the countryside, but I’m not quite there yet..hahaha I still like Instagram,  I’m pretty active around there, and I try to follow people who inspire me, not the ones I end up feeling bad about myself (for me it’s crazy that we live in a world of digital influencers), because social media can do a lot of that to people if you’re not careful. I usually post food (of course), cute pictures of Paco (who doesn’t feel happy when they see a happy dog like him?!), pictures of nature, my embroidery work, books, travel and Berlin. Sometimes I post a picture of myself or with Rafael, but it’s rare…reason one: I am far from being the queen of selfies…hahahha; reason two: I just don’t need that kind of attention; reason three: I like to have a private life! I see a lot of posts out there that I don’t agree with and a lot of people that share every little detail of their lives, but I am not the type of person who posts a negative – judgy comment to these people, almost always my motto is: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all! What bothers me is that everyone seems to think that they are entitled to express their opinion everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in democracy, but there is no such thing as politeness on the web, I don’t know how many times that I saw Instagramers really sad because they got a mean comment, but usually the good ones are way more often than the bad, so my question is, why concentrate on the bad ones? Also, if you are on the social network, you are risking your neck everyday.  Today I can tell you that I am a private person, if I have a problem, the last place I would go looking for help or support is the social media…but hey, that’s just me, who knows what’s right and wrong in this virtual world. In spite of all of this, I started missing writing on the blog this month, and after our trip to France in April month, I thought, why not write about it, and tell our experience there, where we ate and where we stayed, maybe it would help somebody out. At least that is what we try to do before a trip, browse the web. So I decided that I am going to continue this blog, but also stay true to myself and what I believe in. In the end , I like to write, and unfortunately my teen diary days are over….hahahaha So if you want to know what I cook, read, eat, etc…in my totally regular life as a happy house wife, stick around!